New mRNA Expression Browser (Beta)

June 7, 2017

The browser (beta version) for the visualization of mRNA expression from CHO-K1 cells is now online. The data is from several published DNA-microarray or RNA-Seq experiments. The tutorial on how to use this browser can be found here.

Coming Soon!

March 10, 2017

Users will be able to visualize CHO cell mRNA expression data either from published DNA-microarray or RNA-Seq experiments via JBrowse. The visualized data will enable users to easily obtain gene expression levels and compare gene expression levels among different conditions.

CHOmine (BETA-Version)

August 19, 2016

CHOmine, the InterMine site for CHO and Chinese hamster, went online on August 11, 2016 at CHOmine collects and integrates publicly available Chinese hamster and CHO data, where different datasets are connected to provide user-friendly access. Currently, users are asked to test the site and to provide feedback (impressions, comments, issues, and suggestions for improvements) to or

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Search CHO-K1 GenBank

Search CHO-K1 GenBank (2011) assembly by accession number, gene name, symbol, or GO Term:

This genome assembly corresponds to the CriGri_1.0 genome assembly released in August 2011 (GenBank Assembly ID GCA_000223135.1).

The CHO-K1 GenBank database can be searched by:

  1. Accession number (i.e. EGV99227)
  2. Gene name or symbol (i.e.Transcription factor E2F3 or E2F3)
  3. GO term (i.e. GO:0003700 or Transcription factor activity)

There are currently 24,240 entries in the database. To display all database records, use % in the search field.

BLAST the CHO-K1 genome here and at NCBI.