We're getting a facelift in the near future!

August 28, 2014

The updates will provide a more organized approach to searching the data and going through results - especially important given the recent release of new genomes. Don't worry: all of the legacy genomes (CHO-K1 GenBank, and earlier CHO-K1 RefSeq) will be maintained on the website and will still be searchable. In fact, we will keep legacy pages operational for the foreseeable future in case you like the current look and feel.

As always, please let us know of any unusual or unexpected issues and to share your feedback on the new look and feel.


June 27, 2014

The BLAST server will periodically be unavailable for the next few days to permit updates to be made.


A crowdfunding request for PacBio hamster sequencing

May 29, 2014

The community plans to collect third generation sequencing data (PacBio) on the hamster to help create a new reference assembly. We expect the effort to cost $60,000. We request support from the community. The suggested support level is $5000 per organization, although amounts larger and smaller are welcome. Contributions from U.S. organizations are tax deductible. Our timeline is to collect all data by end of 2014 and to manually correct automated annotations through 2015. Any funds collected over our $60,000 target will support the annotation effort.
Goal: $60,000
Current Commitments: $20,000


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Welcome to the updated CHO Genome website! The updated website currently has all the information the previous CHO Genome website hosted, plus a few improved attributes. Tutorials for how to use this new website can be viewed here and we welcome any questions or suggestions you may have.


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Previous Events

Cell Line Development and Engineering Conference

Berkeley, CA, USA

September 8 - September 10, 2014

Leading experts, vendors, scientists, research scholars, and other interested parties related to the field of cell line development and engineering, from all parts of the globe, will be coming together to share their experience and recent advancements regarding various aspects of cell line development and engineering.

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CHOgenome Workshop 2014

Vienna, Austria

March 13 - March 14, 2014

The workshop was a great success. The latest developments in CHO-related sequence information, crosstalk between the genomic and bioprocess research, and genome scale science were well presented.

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2013 ESACT Meeting

Lille, France

June 23 - June 26, 2013

The workshop was titled "The Resource for the International CHO Biotechnology Community?" The workshop included presentations on current applications of genome scale information, where it is useful, and how has it helped in different research efforts, followed by discussion on the next steps for the cell culture community surrounding the CHO Genome effort.

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